Committed. For our clients today and tomorrow

Our clients are our partners. And to us, partnership is all about commitment. It’s about working together to do things right. It’s about integrity and shared success.


At ICON Industrial Contractors, we know lasting success isn’t just about individual performance. It’s about collective empowerment. For us this means encouraging each team member’s professional growth. It means welcoming new ideas and insights, whether from a client, a supplier or sub trade team. And, it also means embracing the latest technology and innovations along the way. From 1997 to the present, practicing this inclusive leadership model has allowed us to build a better business, together.


Sustainable development is about smarter design and construction. We’ve been involved in green alternatives from the movement’s ground floor – which means advanced solutions are among our core competencies. From ice storage for off-peak cooling, heat recovery systems and rainwater harvesting to displacement ventilation, chilled beams, grey water systems and VFD operation of mechanical equipment, we can do it all. We have experience in LEED and LEAN building methodologies and have worked with codes and standards from the Green Building Council, ASHRAE, ASPE, ASME, CHES and the CSA.


We may be experts in state-of-the-art mechanical construction, but we’ve earned our name the good old fashion way. Quality, integrity and commitment is – and always will be – the oil in the gears of every ICON process.

Bid & Spec

Have ICON quote on your next project. We provide estimating services for both public tender and invited tender projects. Value engineering suggestions are also available by request.

Design Assist

We can provide valuable insights to your existing professional team, saving you time and money. Ask about our value engineering services and mechanical component constructability analyses. We also offer major equipment pre-ordering, schedule input, sub-trade pre-qualification and sub-trade tendering.

Design Build

From black lines to skylines, we help owners and developers build from the ground up. Partnering with general contractors and consultant teams, this collaborative model tends to yield rapid construction timelines and cost-saving opportunities.