Service centred around you

Regardless of scale, we regard each project as a partnership. By uniting our expertise with yours, together we can identify the most effective and efficient solutions for your situation.

Prime Mechanical Contracting

Our expertise in prime mechanical contracting is central to our business. We deliver carefully coordinated plumbing, heating, gas, steam, HVAC, mechanical insulation, mechanical controls (building automation), refrigeration, sprinkler fire protection and site services.

Construction Management

One small oversight can have a huge impact on your project. Replace risk with peace-of-mind. Put our decades of hands-on experience to work for you, from budgeting, value engineering, schedule development and optimization of equipment evaluation and ordering, sub trade evaluation, manpower planning and effective construction execution.


From domestic or specialty water systems, including food service, pharma, pure or Type II water and RO, to sanitary solutions like storm and specialty drainage, we offer complete plumbing services.


From black lines to skylines, we help owners and developers build from the ground up. Partnering with Edmonton’s finest architecture and engineering firms, we assemble expert teams who deliver exceptional, independent design and development services.


Our comprehensive heating solutions range from in-floor to radiant panel using hot water and glycol mediums with boilers, pumps, tanks, exchangers and VFDs, to provide the best possible system.

Design Assist

We can provide valuable insights to your existing professional team, saving you time and money. Optimizing the efficiency of your already-underway project ensures your plans are on budget, on time and on par with your expectations.

Medical Gases

From tank farms and bottle gas manifolds, to nitrogen-purged brazed copper distribution pipelines, medical vacuum pumps, medical air systems with medical gas outlets and medical gas columns to operating theatre support services, we specialize in complete medical gas systems.

Laboratory Services

We are experienced installers of pure water, vacuum (dry/wet) and pressure control systems, as well as fume hood and casework products for laboratories.


As with providing proper patient care, the implementation of health facility equipment and space must be approached with special consideration. Adhering to infection control requirements, we have a trusted track record of success with complete hospital and clinic mechanical installations.

Integrated Project Delivery

Powerful innovations happen through collaboration. An integrated approach brings owners, consultants and contractors together to share optimization strategies and methods. This means all project decisions are informed and vetted from a holistic perspective, resulting in improved processes and results.


Our clients are our partners. And to us, partnership is all about commitment. It’s about working together to do things right. It’s about integrity and shared success. Discover the difference commitment makes. Get in touch with us today.